Fact Sheet:

Ventilation Tubes

  • Pain following this surgery is usually minimal.  
    • One or two doses of paracetamol may be required

  • You may be prescribed ear drops to use post operatively. These should be used for 3 to 5 days unless advised differently.    Rarely these can sting or cause discomfort when placed – if worried please contact me.

  • Keep the ears dry until your first post operative review.  You can use cotton-wool dipped in Vaseline in each ear when having a bath or shower.  

  • Avoid swimming until your surgeon has advised

  • When swimming re-starts, avoid diving  to more than 1 metre depth.  

  • If ear discharge occurs, please contact the rooms

  •  A follow up appointment is typically arranged for 6 weeks after surgery.    Typically a hearing test will be arranged prior.  

  • If there are any other concerns, please contact the rooms.