Don’t Choke

Around the world, choking is the third most common cause of accidental death in children.  Both food and non-food pieces have been required to be removed from children (and occasionally teens and adults).  Nuts, Lego, pins, coins and many more items are regularly retrieved.

Undertanding of what is appropriate to give your children for their age is extremely important.

Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes

These should be cut into pieces before given to my child under 5 years.


Mini fruit gels

These lollies can be difficult to chew, and, aside from any nutritional advice, should not be given to children over 5 years.



Not surprisingly these are not a good group, but are regularly removed from the upper oesophagous of children (and sometimes adults).  They should not be placed in the mouth (for the above reason as well as hygiene!)


Hot Dogs

What self respecting father hasn’t thought of feeding their child at the local hardware store sausage sizzle.  Children under 5 can struggle with a sausage and these should be cut length-ways then into smaller pieces for them to manage.


Button Batteries

These are lethal!  They can cause erosion of the oesophagous, trachea, nose, ear canal within hours.  Removal is one of the utmost emergencies.  Please, always be careful where any spare batteries of his type are stored, and dispose appropriately and discharged batteries to ensure children can not get their hands on them!